Name: Danny Wood

    Age: 39

    Height: 173cm

    Build: athletic

    Eyes: Dark brown

    Hair: brown

    Birthdate: 05/14/69

    Birthplace: Boston

    Signs: Taurus

    For this first issue, we will go over Danny's tattoos. Yes, I know you're all drooling behind your screens and you know what ?! You're right !

    With his beautiful body, we could spend a lot of time admiring his tattoos

    So sit down comfortably... Here we go



    Here's the Tattoo in Danny's back



    Then he heard a Voice  Your Majesty Live Forever


    It was Daniel  My god has sent his Angel





    Interesting, but very well done.

    As they say "Every taste is in the nature"



    This picture is pure joy to my eyes

    Here is the tattoo on his right arm

    Is Danny a believer ?


    THE DRAGON IS ON HIS LEFT PEC (Mmmm Danny's pec)

    ok, ok .. let me go on ...


    Here's to my knowledge the last  one ...

    I could be wrong about this, I'm not yet a Danny expert, but I'm intend to be, yes yes !




    Danny Wood "what if"




     Editor: TIA


    "you finally have the chance to meet him and yes Danny is facing you,
    " how do you imagine that meeting, what will  tell him or do ....?"


    you had the chance to meet him, tell us about it.
    Waiting for your stories and if you have nice pictures of you with danny they are welcomed "

    To participate, e-mail:


    with the topic: "TIA-Danny"

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